Critic's Pick!

MBSB will celebrate the release of "The Kids are Gone" with a performance at The Basement in Nashville on Sunday, June 8th. Doors are at 8 pm and admission is FREE! Come on down and celebrate with the boys and pick up a copy on CD or Vinyl. The event was chosen as a Critic's Pick in this week's Nashville Scene. Check out the review!

"British-born singer and guitarist Matt Butcher cut his musical teeth in Orlando, Fla., where he fronted Americana band The Heathens before landing in Nashville a few years ago and joining forces with drummer Pete Pulkrabek and bassist Cullen Tierney. If anything, Butcher’s arrival here in the Americana mecca triggered a turn toward gritty no-nonsense rock ’n’ roll. The majority of the material on Matt Butcher and the Schoolyard Band’s debut, The Kids Are Gone, sounds like vintage ’60s and ’70s radio rock: “Romeo,” “Shadows,” and the title track suggest a slew of influences ranging from The Who and Velvet Underground to Mott the Hoople and maybe even a little Thin Lizzy. (It was recorded at Fry Pharmacy, an analog studio in a former Old Hickory drugstore, and Chris Casello’s savvy production makes the most of the old-school facility.) That’s not to say Butcher’s indie-folk roots have disappeared: The album’s last three songs, “Maggie,” “So Fine” and “Walk Through the Roses” feature acoustic instruments and hint at the country blues of Exile-era Stones. Throughout it all, Butcher is a solid singer with a nonchalant delivery that recalls a young Lou Reed."

-Jack Silverman

Tour Recap!

MBSB just finished a ten day run through the Southeast; performing in TN, SC, GA, and FL. Thank you to all the bands who shared the stage, and all those who attended! These were special shows in intimate venues. Writes, " This go-round and the next will be your chance at Matt Butcher and The Schoolyard Band In a small venue. Do yourself a favor and see them up close while you can."  Stay tuned for future dates...