tour recap!

The boys had a blast on their ten day tour of the Southeast! Thank you to all who supported. MBSB were honored to share the stage with some great acts- Hymn for Her, H.R. Gertner, The Woggles, The Frizz, Josh Pearson, Richard Sherfey, and Shea Birney. The band will be off the road for the remainder of 2014, working on new material for a sophomore release. Stay tuned...

Critic's Pick!

MBSB will celebrate the release of "The Kids are Gone" with a performance at The Basement in Nashville on Sunday, June 8th. Doors are at 8 pm and admission is FREE! Come on down and celebrate with the boys and pick up a copy on CD or Vinyl. The event was chosen as a Critic's Pick in this week's Nashville Scene. Check out the review!

"British-born singer and guitarist Matt Butcher cut his musical teeth in Orlando, Fla., where he fronted Americana band The Heathens before landing in Nashville a few years ago and joining forces with drummer Pete Pulkrabek and bassist Cullen Tierney. If anything, Butcher’s arrival here in the Americana mecca triggered a turn toward gritty no-nonsense rock ’n’ roll. The majority of the material on Matt Butcher and the Schoolyard Band’s debut, The Kids Are Gone, sounds like vintage ’60s and ’70s radio rock: “Romeo,” “Shadows,” and the title track suggest a slew of influences ranging from The Who and Velvet Underground to Mott the Hoople and maybe even a little Thin Lizzy. (It was recorded at Fry Pharmacy, an analog studio in a former Old Hickory drugstore, and Chris Casello’s savvy production makes the most of the old-school facility.) That’s not to say Butcher’s indie-folk roots have disappeared: The album’s last three songs, “Maggie,” “So Fine” and “Walk Through the Roses” feature acoustic instruments and hint at the country blues of Exile-era Stones. Throughout it all, Butcher is a solid singer with a nonchalant delivery that recalls a young Lou Reed."

-Jack Silverman

Tour Recap!

MBSB just finished a ten day run through the Southeast; performing in TN, SC, GA, and FL. Thank you to all the bands who shared the stage, and all those who attended! These were special shows in intimate venues. Writes, " This go-round and the next will be your chance at Matt Butcher and The Schoolyard Band In a small venue. Do yourself a favor and see them up close while you can."  Stay tuned for future dates...